A Balancing Act

Earlier today, I tweeted about a tidbit that I’d personally would like to see for Holy Priests. It took a few tweets to paraphrase the idea brewing in my noggin, but I decided to tempt the Twitter gods to break the limited character rule. After the idea was written, I planned on forgetting about it (as it would never amount to anything), and move on with what I was doing. @RandyLite (https://twitter.com/randylite) would have none of that! He promptly responded to the series of tweets. He started molding the idea, defining it, and trying to understand what exactly I was going for (specifically the bonus spell). I tried (oh how I tried!) to articulate what I wanted within the confines of the Twitterverse, but that would not be the end-all of the discussion. It would take too many tweets, too many confusing link-backs, to make me the happiest man alive. I told him I’d write more about it in a larger area (direct quote: “twitter isn’t doing the idea justice, I’ll write about it tonight. (even if it’s just a throwaway/silly idea :P)”).

So here we are.

The problem the tweet was trying to solve was the perceived issue of nerfed healing while being in an improper Chakra state. Chakra has always been in this perpetual weird state, mostly due to the fact that this is the thing that sets Holy Priests out away from other healers. The beef that an undetermined amount of Holy Priests have with Chakra is the unintended weakness at doing the unintended healing tasks for that Chakra (Area of Effect (hereafter AE) versus Single Target (hereafter ST)). The issue then folds into the fact that Chakra has a 30 second cooldown, which makes it a decent amount of time locked into helping in the task that you may not prefer/assigned to do.

The tweet I posted earlier today was a dropbox idea to help equalize that loss from locking into an unassigned Chakra state. Earlier suggestions were to limit the CD of Chakra states, but those were generally shunned and run out of town (for decent reasons, no grudges). This suggestion was to add another Chakra state. Chakra: Balance.

Balance would be on a 10 second cooldown, and give a quarter amount of the benefits from both Chakra: Serenity and Chakra: Sanctuary. Currently, on PTR, they give 25% more healing to their intended healing styles. This would make Chakra: Balance give around 10% more healing to both AE and ST heals. A few thoughts as to why it would be 10%:

This is supposed to be a quick Chakra, meant for more of a dance nature. It’s not supposed to be powerful to the point of equality, but just powerful enough to make it worth it for 10 seconds. Priests should still favor the Chakra states that are designated for either AE or ST, but this gives them an option to not be stuck in a Chakra for half a minute.

Chakra: Balance would also have a spell attached to it (much like the other three Chakra states). Holy Word: Bind (name still in beta) would work much like Binding Heal does, but have a twist. Since Balance is a Balance between Serenity and Sanctuary, the Holy Word is halfway between an AE and ST spell. The target you use the spell on will either heal or damage (depending on FoF), then damage/heal their current target (your target of target). It would have a 2 second cast time, and no cooldown. It would heal/damage for 35k per target, and cost 18k mana.

Holy Word: Bind, for me, would mostly be used on other healers who are taking damage. In this, I’d be healing them, and aiding them on their current target (useful if healer is taking damage and supporting tank healing). The unfortunate side-effect of the Chakra that controls this spell is it almost never being used, since the Balance would be more of a dance state. I just think the spell would be a fun addition (a nice twist on binding heal).

Because, you know, the solution to what ails us is more spells. Priests just don’t have enough of those.

Thanks for stopping by!

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